• Life Coaching

  • Sloan tailors her approach to help you achieve a life you both desire and deserve all the time breaking it down into manageable, easy to complete tasks. She will explain your personality type, work on your intrinsic drives and create coping strategies encorporating all her tried and tested techniques to help you attain each and every one of your goals.

    Mixing life coach skills and clinical hypnotherapy training, not only does she help with the day to day matters, you will find Sloan’s all round knowledge invaluable in coaching in all aspects of your life that you feel even the smallest bit disatisfied with. Not only a life coach & hypnotherapist, but an experienced date coach, body language consultant and relationship expert you will find that whatever the issue, after just a few sessions or often after the first consult, you are already taking the strongest steps to a life you truly love.

    Life Coaching is for you if:


    You feel at cross roads.

    You want the control back in your life.

    You feel you make the wrong choices in life.

    You feel pressured into people pleasing.

    You find you procrastinate.

    You feel you have gone off course.

    You’re in a bad relationship and need to walk away.

    For those who have already taken that leap into a brighter future, Sloan also holds Success Coaching sessions for individuals who want a little bit more out of life, be it in the athletic, commercial or family arena. Her mantra is to make the extraordinary possible, and she has had the pleasure of working with both top athletes and entrepreneurs like in achieving this goal.

    As a highly talented individual herself, Sloan uses her wealth of experience normally found in someone twice her age and her unique skills and educational background to make her one of the best Success Coaches you are ever likely to come across.


    If you answered YES to any of the questions on this page  contact Sloan today on 07462 611 411

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