Take your Business to the Next Level

Take your Business to the Next Level

Starting a business today is far tougher than a few years ago, not only do you have to know your business, you have to know how to market your business within your budget in a world where companies are spending tens of thousands on marketing and branding. We hear the statistics that a successful business is 80% psychology and the rest is skill, timing and luck; and we plough all our money into marketing when really the driving factor of any business is the owner. The owner can make or break a business and the owner is governed by their knowledge and their psychology. The problem is that knowledge without action and flexibility is never going to make the grade and that is the main reason why over 75% of businesses fail in the first three years.

It is commonly remarked that business is one of the toughest games out there, you have to be mentally tough with the resilience to bounce back from many challenges. If you were a professional athlete, you would not dream of competing without a coach. A extraordinary sportsperson will have an extraordinary coach.

A coach provides you with

a) the ability to draw the skill set required out
b) tips and techniques to take you to the top of your game
c) the psychology to get up when others would be beaten

Business is a game and if you do not know the rules your business, your life and the life of your employees is going to be severely affected. You would not engage in competitive sport without a coach, so perhaps it is time to ask yourself why you are stepping into the competitive arena of business without a coach. Then re-evaluate how that is working for you. You might be successful and that is wonderful, but can you truly say you wouldn’t want to expand and grow at a faster rate than you currently are?

To grow your business you need to understand that:-

1. You need to leave your personal baggage behind be that past beliefs, insecurities, negative unhelpful thinking and attachment to ideas or people who are holding you back.

2. The story you tell yourself is what will manifest. Whether you believe in law of attraction, self fulfilling prophecy or psychology, that which you focus on with enough intention and emotion you will move towards.

3. Your personality as the owner of the business is key to it’s success. Knowing your personality type and how to shift into different states to enhance your strengths in an authentic manner is imperative.

4. You have to relinquish attachment to the how’s and why and use your focus, drive and determination to achieve the outcome.

5. Connection and communication is fundamental to successful partnerships.

6. If you do not change the actions that are not working for your business, you will not change the results.

7. Anticipation and flexibility is the solution to making it through the tougher times


Business is tough not only do you have to do the right thing at the right time, you have to do it consistently. That is where a coach comes in. Knowing the above is not enough you have to take the tools and techniques passed on from successful business models and apply them. If you are not taking action you are not getting the true results your company deserves.

Sloan understands that a business success depends on the owner and the feeling and psychology of the customer. Psychology affects products in a very evidential way. A good reliable product provides your customer with comfort and you will make sales but provide your customer with significance and they will pay a higher price tag (sometimes the higher price tag itself also provides significance – fashion designers rely on such psychology) But if you increase the value to the customer in terms of an intangible psychological lift, such as happiness, you have a customer fan base for the duration that you can keep that feeling alive in your customer. Service industries have a perfect opportunity to tap into this aspect of the psychology of their customer and as such can have dramatically increase profit.

Sloan provides strategies for business across many sectors to help increase customer satisfaction and therefore repeat business. Her experience includes working across a number of different sectors including restaurants, hotels and spas, medi-spas, boutiques, hairdressers, start ups, pr companies, web designers, photographers, building and construction companies and estate agents to name but a few.

Sloan can also work in house with staff members for a wide range of companies from start ups to city law firms.

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